A basic Explanation of Crofting, starting with ‘What is a Crofter’ from the Scottish Crofting Federation.

From Shetland Library; A Resource for S1-3 students under the headings: People and the Past, Land and Buildings, Resources, tools and Chores, Social Life, The Lairds and their impact, Reform and Crofting today.  This document is a useful introduction to crofting history.

From the ‘Angus MacLeod Archive’ an ‘Overview of the History of Crofting’.

History of the Scottish Land Court as it evolved from the Commission established under the Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886.

The Crofting Problem by Adam Collier – Cambridge University Press (1953), chapter 4 ‘The Origin of Crofting’.

Crofts and Crofting by Katherine Stewart  - Mercat Press; 2nd revised and enlarged edition (2005), … ‘this book is a complete guide to the history, working methods and future outlook for a unique way of life.’

Explanation of the role of the Napier Commission (1883) from the Angus MacLeod Archive.

Digitised documents from the Napier Commission (1883).

An article about the Establishing of crofting on Tiree, from Isle of Tiree.com.

A short leaflet on Crofting and the Machair, by Machair Life, gives a brief historical background to crofting, specifically on Uist.  It then goes on to explain about the importance of the machair to wildlife.

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