Decisions over what machinery to use to work a croft will depend on many factors, including personal preferences.  However, the small scale of crofting and cost will be major factors in determining the size of the machinery, as will the vulnerability of the land to soil compaction.
Slow Tools for Small-Scale Farming’; an article from Permaculture magazine. 

‘With the increase in small-scale farming comes the need for suitable equipment.  For many starting out on small plots, the tractors, harvesters, machinery and other farm equipment that may be needed are expensive and often too big for the job in hand.  Traditionally, when farms were still small and family based, 'slow tools' were in abundance, but the rise of industrial agriculture has pushed aside the market for such items.  Now a group of farmers, engineers and manufacturers have begun to actively develop the necessary tools for small-scale farmers.’
For more information visit the Slow Tools Group facebook page.

This article in Country Smallholding considers how to make the choice of a compact tractor.

Another article about choosing a compact tractor from Smallholder.

Smallholder Equipment is dedicated to supplying a full range of Small Holder Equipment.

LandLegend – ‘are established in the British market as one of the top performing and value-for-money tractors, ideally suited to the smallholder farmer’.  They produce 25 and 40HP tractors and supply a wide range of implements and trailors.

Farm Tech Supplies supplies a wide range of implements for compact tractors as well as the compact tractors.

Small Tractors are a family business from Leicestershire specialising in sales of small tractors and associated equipment.

In certain situations, where minimum soil compaction is necessary, such as on peaty soils, 2 wheel tractors are a viable solution.  These versatile tools can be fitted with a wide range of attachments such as mowers, flails, rotavators and mini-round balers.

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