The Clearances

The Pattern of the Highland Clearances, by Ewan J. Innes, MA (Hons Scot. Hist.) FSA Scot (1991). ‘This essay describes the evolution of the clearances from the first wave in the early 1800's to the final major wave in the 1850's by discussing the social and economic patterns involved.’ From Scottish

Highland Clearances; a Concise History, from Undiscovered Scotland.

From BBC archived British History; The Cultural Impact of the Highland Clearances, by Ross Noble (last updated 17.2.2011).  This piece draws together the various factors that resulted in the clearances and considers the impact they had on the people who left and the people who stayed behind. ‘It is most difficult to capture easily the psychological impact of the Clearances on the culture of the Highlands. And yet, in many ways, this was the most profound result. The first clearance of townships for sheep occurred as early as the 1770s, and people were still being evicted in the 1870s. For a hundred years, then, this threat hung over the crofting population, and remained an ever-present reality in their lives. These people were truly the 'Dispossessed.

Sheep and the Clearances in the Scottish Highlands: a Biologist’s View’ by M. L. Ryder (The Agricultural History Review, 1968), giving an account of the rise of the sheep, the highland ‘improvements’ and the resulting clearances.  Published by the British Agricultural History Society.

The Highland Clearances’ by The Scottish Historical Society.

Further reading:

A Dance called America: The Scottish Highlands, the United States and Canada by J Hunter (Edinburgh, 1994)

The Highland Clearances by A Mackenzie (Glasgow, 1883)

The Highland Clearances by J Prebble (London, 1963)

A History of the Highland Clearances: Agrarian Transformation and the Evictions by E Richards (London, 1982)

A History of the Highland Clearances: Emigration, Protest, Reasons by E Richards (London, 1985)

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